Piano is a practical skill and playing with others makes it more meaningful!

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A Holiday Gift To You

                                          View The October Duets Here

These duets are not perfect. They show the effort it takes to collaborate with another musician. Pianists are spoiled compared to other musicians. They most often play by themselves. To submit and really listen to a peer requires a skill I could never teach without this experience. 

Christopher, Adam, Maggie, Isabella, Clara, Tabitha, John, Nicholas, Tristan, Davis, Marina-Rae, Alex, Grace, Maggie, Jonas, Michael, James

If you are using a mobile device, click here to go to You-Tube  http://youtu.be/8iZ9EGyReUY

Rowan, Jonah, Maggie B., Tabitha, Nathan, Caleb, Savannah, Emma, Caz, Sarah M. And Gabriele

 If you are using a mobi;e device click here to go to You Tube http://youtu.be/u2z9osDqMJk

Elly, Lucy, Danny, Titus, Benny, Judy S., Gabriele, Tabitha I., Madeline, Colt, Taj, Sacia, Julian, Sasha, Anna, Emma, Lorelei, Marina-Rae

If you are using a mobile device click here to go to You Tube. http://youtu.be/yIbgj7fdPCU

Happy Holidays













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